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Syrris is the world leader in flow chemistry and have unrivalled solutions for any automated chemistry. For more product info as well as detailed information about the technology you can visit: www.syrris.com

Asia flow chemistry system




Asia Flow Chemistry System

Asia is a revolutionary range of advanced flow chemistry products from Syrris. It has been designed by chemists for chemists to enable the widest variety of chemical reactions and ultimate ease of use. Find out more here





Asia Flow Chemistry Syringe Pump




Asia Flow Chemistry Syringe Pump

Designed specifically for flow chemistry, the ultra-smooth Asia Flow Chemistry Syringe Pump offers ultra-smooth flow from 1.0 mL to 10 mL/min and can be used in standalone mode or with PC control and is perfect for all your lab's flow chemistry. Find out more here








Titan is a revolutionary continuous chemical processing system for production scales from kilo lab, through pilot plant to manufacturing. Find out more here






 Titan syringe pump


Titan Syringe Pump

The Titan Syringe Pump is a high-performance pumpfor safe and reliable continuous flow scale-up with maximum chemical compatibility and ultra-smooth flow. Find out more here




 Educational flow chemistry system




Educational Flow Chemistry System

The Educational Flow Chemistry range offers easy to use, modular and affordable flow chemistry systems for a wide range of applications. Find out more here