Advanced Instruments


Dolomite is the world leader in microfluidics and Dolomite Bio in high throughput single cell research products. For more information please visit and
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Syrris is the world leader in flow chemistry and have unrivalled solutions for any automated chemistry. For more product info as well as detailed information about the technology you can visit:
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Centeo is specialised on building small chambers for temperature control in crystallisation experiments. This enables full temperature screening within days and often enables the forming of high quality crystals in experiments previously yielding only low quality “crystal-like” particles. Read more about this on: Please note that we represent Centeo in all Nordic countries.
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Optika microscopes. The very best price/quality ratio in mid-range microscopy and user-friendliness re-invented. Find more about Optika microscopes at

MPW centrifuges. Possibly the highest quality centrifuges in the world. When your safety, precise speed, temperature and a long and maintenance free instrument lifetime matters. Find more about MPW centrifuges at