Radwag MA 60.3Y

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Moisture analyzer 60g/0.1mg

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Moisture analyzer is a laboratory measuring instrument intended to determine relative moisture content in samples of different substances. Radwag MA 3Y features 5,7″ LCD colour touch panel which provides new possibilities of instrument’s operation and presenting measurement results. It features extended databases containing programmable drying modes related to the database of samples. MA 3Y series enables printing and exporting charts presented on its display to a BMP file.

Highlights of moisture analyzer MA 3Y series:

– accuracy of moisture content readout 0,0001%

– heating components: IR emitter, max 160°C

    • optional halogen (250°C) or metal (160°C) heater

– graphic presentation of drying result, charts: Δm, %M, %D, %R,

– drying profiles: standard, mild, step, quick

– finish mode: AUTO 1 – 5, manual, automatic, time defined

– database of drying procedures: ~1000 records for each data type

– database of samples

– interfaces: 2 x USB 2.0; 4IN / 4OUT; RS 232; Ethernet 10/100Mbit; Wi-Fi

Personalization of instrument’s settings is carried out in extended user profiles. Level control is based on LevelSENSING system, RADWAG patented solution, which uses a system of an electronic level. Standard and user defined printouts allow for maintaining documentation complying with GLP/GMP requirements practically in any application. Wireless terminal as an extra option.


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