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Radwag AS 220.R2


Analytical balance 220g/0.1mg

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Balances series AS.R represent standard level of analytical balances. They are equipped with backlit LCD display. Accuracy and precise measurement of the balances are determined by automatic internal calibration, triggered by time flow or temperature conditions.
AS.R series balances feature several communication interfaces: 2 x RS 232, type A USB, type B USB and optional WiFi.
In new AS.R series balances the information system is based on 5 databases, which allows for several users to work with several products databases, and the registered weighing results can be subject to further analysis.
The data is registered in 5 databases:
– users (up to 10 users),
– products (up to 1000 products),
– weighments (up to 1000 weighments),
– tares (up to 10 tares),
– ALIBI memory (up to 100 000 weighments).
There is two directions data exchange within the system thanks to a quick USB interface. New balances allow to import and export databases using USB pen drives.
User has access to big weighing chamber with sliding side glass doors and sliding top glass door. Dismountable glass doors for easy cleaning
Each balance in standard version features a RS 232 output for connecting an additional display.

Analytical balances AS series are offered with following capacities:
• 110, 160, 220, 310 g with readability of 0,1 mg.


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