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Emag digital ultrasound bath

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ultrasound power 3x80W, volume 6L, 80°C heating

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Ultrasound baths with heating and digital control made of stainless steel and
in several capacities designed for the cleaning of several laboratory instruments by ultrasounds.
Main features:
1| Tank and case made of AISI 304 (EN 1.4301) stainless steel
2| High frequency generators with overload protection
3| Supplied with lid (for phonic isolation) and basket (for protection of the
instruments to be cleaned and the tank)
4| Timer from 1-60 min and also continuous operation
5| With heating up to 80ºC and levels of ultrasound power (50%/100%)
6| With degas and sweep functions
7| IP32 protection grade
8| With drain tap for emptying the tank

Please contact us for other capacities.