Sale! E2 mass set
E2 mass standards
1-100g, set of 9 pcs
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Elmi V-3
Vortex mixer
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Sale! F2 mass standards
F2 mass standards
1g-2kg, set of 15 pcs
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Hanna Instruments HI 1131B pH electrode
general purpose laboratory pH electrode
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Hanna Instruments HI 2020 edge pH kit
The worlds most innovative pH/EC/DO multiparameter meter
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HI 98194
Hanna Instruments HI 98194 Multiparameter
Multiparameter portable meter
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Sale! HI 9829
Hanna Instruments HI 9829 Multiparameter with GPS
Multiparameter portable meter with GPS
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Sale! HI 98713
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Hanna Instruments HI-2002 pH/ORP/°C meter edge®pH
Hanna Instruments HI-2002 pH/ORP/°C meter edge®pH
Innovative flat designed pH meter for bench, wall or portable use
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Heinz Herenz Bottle dispenser
Heinz Herenz Bottle dispenser
Bottle dispenser with automatic air purging system
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Sale! microscopic slides 50 pcs/box
Heinz Herenz microscopic slides
75x25x1mm, ground edges, 5000pcs
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Sale! HTL Discovery Pro STARTER 4 PACK-0
HTL Discovery Pro STARTER 4 PACK
Variable volume single channel pipettes, STARTER 4 PACK
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