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Sale! microscopic slides 50 pcs/box
Heinz Herenz microscopic slides
75x25x1mm, ground edges, 5000pcs
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Optika B-290TB
digital upright brightfield microscope, 1000x , camera and tablet
1 349,00  Add to basket
Optika B-292PLi
Microscope for routine applications
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Optika B-50-0
Optika B-50
Monocular microscope 400x
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Optika B-510ERGO
Optika B-510ERGO
Binocular brightfield microscope, 1000x, IOS with ERGO head
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Sale! C-B5 front
Optika C-B5
5.1 MP CMOS microscope camera, USB2.0
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Optika C-P20CM
Optika C-P20CM
P20CM Pro Cooled Monochrome camera, 20 MP CMOS, USB3.0
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Optika C-P8
Optika C-P8
P8 Pro camera, 8.3 MP CMOS, USB3.0
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Optika SFX-91D
Optika SFX-91D
Digital stereomicroscope, 40x, 3 MP camera
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