CM-50 closed
Elmi CM-50
Mini-centrifuge, 15 000 rpm
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CM-7S Plus
Elmi CM-7S Plus
Centrifuge, 3 500 rpm
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Elmi DOS-20L
Digital Orbital Shaker
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Elmi DRS-12
Digital Rocking Shaker
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Elmi DTS-2
Digital Thermostatic Shaker
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Elmi Intelli-Mixer RM-2
Elmi Intelli-Mixer RM-2
Customizable Rotator-Mixer, a combination of variable speed rotator and advanced vortex. Price includes 1 mix rack, for more options see below.
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Elmi MS-01
4-position Magnetic Stirrer
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Elmi TW-2.03
Water bath Thermostat
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Elmi V-3
Vortex mixer
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HI-11312 HALO
Hanna Instruments HI 11312 HALO® pH electrode
Glass body refillable bluetooth® pH electrode for general purposes
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Hanna Instruments HI 1131B pH electrode
general purpose laboratory pH electrode
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HI 190M (in front)
Hanna Instruments HI 190M Magnetic Stirrer
Mini Magnetic Stirrer with Speedsafe
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