We offer the full range of Radwag balances. This webshop is just a convenient way to get some of our most popular items. Please contact us for any inquiries on other balances.

Sale! Radwag AS 220.R2 PLUS
Radwag AS 220.R2 PLUS
Analytical balance 220g/0.1mg
995,00  895,00  Add to basket
AS 310.3Y
Radwag AS 310.3Y
Analytical balance 310g/0.1mg
2 995,00  Add to basket
Sale! Radwag AS 520.R2 PLUS
Radwag AS 520.R2 PLUS
Analytical balance 520g/0.1mg
1 595,00  1 449,00  Add to basket
Radwag AS 82/220.X2 PLUS
Radwag AS 82/220.X2 PLUS
Analytical balance 82/220g, 0.01/0.1mg
2 695,00  Add to basket
Radwag MYA 5.4Y
Microbalance 5.1g/1µg
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Radwag PM 35.C32
Precision balance 35kg/0.1g
2 249,00  Add to basket
Sale! PS R2
Radwag PS 1000.R2
Precision balance 1kg/0.001g
849,00  749,00  Add to basket
Radwag PS 10100.X2.M
Radwag PS 10100.X2.M
Precision balance 10.1kg / 0.01g
1 295,00  Add to basket
Radwag PS 2500.3Y.M
Radwag PS 2500.3Y.M
Precision balance 2.5kg/0.01g
2 095,00  Add to basket
Radwag PS 4500.R2.M
Precision balance 4.5kg/0.01g
795,00  Add to basket
Radwag WLC 0.2.X2
Radwag WLC 0.2.X2
Precision balance 0.2kg/0.001g, with draft shield
795,00  Add to basket
Radwag WLC 12/F1/K
Precision balance 12kg/0.2g
399,00  Add to basket