Disposable pans
Disposable pans (100 pcs)
Aluminium pans for moisture analyzers
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Sale! E2 mass set
E2 mass standards
1-100g, set of 9 pcs
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Sale! F2 mass standards
F2 mass standards
1g-2kg, set of 15 pcs
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Radwag AS 220.R2
Analytical balance 220g/0.1mg
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AS 310.3Y
Radwag AS 310.3Y
Analytical balance 310g/0.1mg
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Sale! AS.X2
Radwag AS 82/220.X2
Analytical balance 82/220g, 0.01/0.1mg
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Sale! Radwag MA 210.X2.IC.A
Radwag MA 210.X2.IC.A
Moisture analyzer 210g / 1mg
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Radwag MA 50.R
Moisture analyzer 50g/1mg
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Sale! MA.3Y
Radwag MA 60.3Y
Moisture analyzer 60g/0.1mg
2 995,00  2 595,00  Add to basket
Radwag MYA 5.4Y
Microbalance 5.1g/1µg
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Radwag PM 35.C32
Precision balance 35kg/0.1g
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Radwag PS 1000.R2
Precision balance 1kg/0.001g
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